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Pullman Smart Grid Project

Avista has joined with regional partners, led by Battelle, to develop a smart grid demonstration project using matching stimulus monies from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The intent is to show how smart grid technology can enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of energy delivery on a regional and national level. Smart Meter

As a result of this project, the city of Pullman will become the region’s first smart grid community. The project involves automation of many parts of the electric distribution system using advanced metering technology, enhanced communication and other elements of smart grid. 

Approximately 13,000 electric and 5,000 gas customers in Pullman and Albion, Wash., have had their meters upgraded to the new, digital advanced meters, (also known as "Smart Meters" pictured to the right). Advanced meters operate via a secure wireless network, allowing two-way, real-time communication between the customers’ meter and Avista.

The use of this technology will allow:

  • Ongoing energy use information which can help customers make more informed decisions about how to use energy.
  • Advanced meters can automatically detect outages at a home or business and help Avista to more quickly and efficiently restore power.
  • The meters are part of a system of automated distribution technology, which can also automatically detect, report and isolate an outage, saving time and reducing outage frequency and length for all customers.

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Advanced meter website for customer

Enhanced web tools will be available to customers with advanced meters by late 2011. The web tools will allow customers to actively monitor their ongoing energy use by logging into their Avista Utilities account, and make more informed decisions about choices that drive energy efficiency and costs.

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